After working for my first design job for Xfinity at Preymaker. I was asked to be involved in the design and production of this project. The project turned out nicely and working with the super-talented team at Preymaker is always a blast.
Visual Development:
This section was fun to design. The Nascar scene was one of my favorite parts. I got to model the car from scratch. Our client wanted a low poly rendition of a race car but eventually, we landed on a much more rounded stylized look. Making the car look like it is traveling fast while remaining still was a fun challenge to solve too.
The Animation:
My Role:
I designed the scenes above based on a storyboard provided by the agency. After that, I was the lead animator on the project. We had a small team and I was the only designer on the project for its entire duration of production so I ended up touching every aspect of the video; which makes this project special to me.
Studio: Preymaker
CD: Robert Petrie / Angus Kneale
Producer: Kendall Rotar
Senior Motion Designer: Ben Weaver
Senior Motion Designer: Djeison Canuto
Senior Motion Designer: John Haley
Motion Designer: Casey Herrick
Compositing: Steven Miller


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