Like a lot of us, AI technology has been on my mind recently. I have spent quite a bit of time exploring this "ground-breaking" tool. While there seem to be many theoretical benefits to it, the more time I spend with it, the more it has me worried about how it will impact the fields I have devoted a lifetime of passion and study to. I worry about who will really benefit from such technology.

Since I was a child, I would always deal with my anxieties through drawing. My sketchbook was my diary. That hasn't changed since I grew up, and whenever I feel overwhelmed, stressed, or emotional, I turn to this passion to help me process my feelings. It always helps me turn my negative energies into productive energies. 

I created "Artist vs Machines" to help me process some of the worries I'm having about AI. Today, I am thankful that AI has inspired me to create my own art...hopefully tomorrow it won't make most of us obsolete. Creativity is just too precious to be automated.

Do you agree - are you as anxious as I am? Or do you think the benefit will outweigh the cost?
In every personal project, I try my best to explore new techniques. In this project, I wanted to dig deeper into cloth sims using Marvelous Designer. I also used a new auto rig system I had not used yet called Accurig. Lastly, I wanted to experiment a bit with combining 3D and 2D typography.

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